Our Services

Color Consulting and Color Development

  • Full size brush outs and on-site mock-ups of your project specific colors.
  • Our in-house artist works to develop colors created for you.
  • Wood finishes and custom plaster samples are also part of our color and sample process.

Wood Finishing – Exterior

  • We offer a wide array of finishes for exterior woods such as redwood, western red cedar, hemlock, ipe and mahogany.
  • Our exterior wood finishing processes range from full restoration to creating a prematurely grayed out patina. This may involve a more natural look or a gloss marine varnish for a front door.
  • We include pressure washing and cleaning of natural wood surfaces.

Wood Finishing – Interior

  • This category provides for a vastly variable list of finishes and options from high build catalyzed lacquer
    to a more minimalistic grayed out natural appearance.
  • Samples and development of project specific finishes are very important in this category.
  • This sector can include bleached finishes, European reactive dye stains or a simple hand rubbed tinted wax.

Exterior Painting

  • While this may appear simple, our process includes the use of the very best materials properly applied to obtain a long-lasting finish.
  • We often use a two-component penetrating epoxy to fully seal new wood doors and windows prior to priming and painting.
  • Dry rot repairs are made with penetrating epoxy sealer and catalyzed urethane fillers.
  • We feel that in this category proper surface preparation is the key element with premium grade topcoats.
  • We have over 40 years of experience ranging from full historical restoration to new construction.

Interior Painting

  • This category covers a wide range of products and application techniques.
  • Traditional hand brushed applications using conventional enamels for woodwork.
  • High gloss lacquer in rich colors for selected rooms such as Libraries.
  • Whatever the top-coat system, proper sanding, caulking and surface preparation are of the utmost importance as this is the foundation for all subsequent applications.

Faux Finishes

  • This encompasses the widest array of colors and textures.
  • This can include; Italian Plaster, Roman Clay, painted finishes, metal patinas, lime wash, wall glazes, cabinet glazing, and repair of existing finishes.
  • The techniques can range from ultra-modern high gloss to old world patina.

Drywall Repair & Wallpaper Removal

  • Drywall repairs often include matching existing textures and colors so that the entire space does not have to be repainted because of some minor damage.
  • Paper removal is often part of giving an area new life. We provide one stop shopping which includes site protection, paper removal, wall repairs, priming and painting.

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